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Attard's Minerals
John Attard          
San Diego, California, USA          

We strive to have our Web-Site informative and free of moving distractions, so that you find what you want with ease. We offer Mineral specimens, X-ray Diffraction Services to identify minerals and a skin-protective gel indispensable for anybody working with HF in mineral processing or for any of the hundreds of industrial uses of HF.
As professionals in the mineral business we cater all the way from the beginner, to the top-end collector and to Museums worldwide. We deal directly with the producing countries in a continued effort to offer you the best values in mineral specimens. What we show here is only a fraction of what we have available, so please let us know what your interests are, so we can help!
You can visit us at Major Shows or purchase from this Web-Site which we attend to every day via e-mail.

Trade Show Schedule:
  San Francisco San Francisco Gem and Mineral Show
The Hall of Flowers
August 2016
  Denver Denver Gem and Mineral Show
Main Show at the Merchandise Mart
September 16-18th, 2016


Tucson Gem and Mineral Show
Tucson Convention Center
February 11-14, 2016